Antonios Vitalis

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

A New Zealander with Greek Colombian roots, Vitalis has lived in multiple countries which has resulted in him speaking three languages (Greek, French and English) and some Spanish. Vitalis completed his schooling in Geneva, Switzerland receiving an IB Diploma as a result. During the Greek Bail Out Crisis of 2015, he worked on an interim basis with the Greek Press Office in Brussels. During this time, he greatly improved his rudimentary understanding of E.U politics and political Think Tanks. In addition, he did volunteer work with the Paul Eagle campaign that saw Eagle win the Rongotai electorate in the 2017 New Zealand election. Along with political writing, Vitalis enjoys delving into creative writing as it “allows me to express my personality in a way political or more intellectual content does not”. He loves following sports such as Boxing, Football (the real kind!), and Mixed Martial Arts. A lover of books, Vitalis was greatly inspired by the work of Arthur Koestler in Darkness Before Noon, as well as the timeless work of George Orwell. He enjoys spending his time drinking a hot black coffee with friends and simply shooting the breeze. Vitalis recognises the Cycladic island Serifos as his second home, an island he regularly visits when he gets the chance. It is his multicultural upbringing that Vitalis draws upon when writing for BSWink. He is currently studying BA in Politics at King's College London and hopes you enjoy his work.