Benjamin Smith


Benjamin was born in London but raised in Auckland, New Zealand. His multicultural background led him to an early interest in different cultural insights. As a teenager, Benjamin developed a keen interest for the arts. Intending to pursue an artistic career, Benjamin undertook a foundational course in Arts & Design at one of New Zealand’s leading art colleges. Realising his talents were instead in critical analysis and essay writing, he returned to the UK to begin an English Literature degree. Left again unsatisfied, Benjamin took a year to work as an English GSCE tutor and travel the world. In this time, he travelled across Germany, Sweden, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. This experience showed him that it was differing cultural and political perspectives that he was truly passionate about. This led Benjamin to embark on a degree in Politics at King’s College London. During his undergraduate years, he quickly developed a passion for the theoretical analysis of politics. This consequently resulted in his ambition to become an academic in political theory. Benjamin’s main interests of research include political modernity, Marxism, Social-Constructivism, late-capitalism and post-colonialism. Besides political theory, he enjoys applying his critical view to film, aesthetics, music, psychology, literature and other areas of philosophy. For Ben, these different subjects of study are not separate from politics. Rather, they collectively construct the totallity of today’s socio-political experience. Besides writing, Benjamin spends his days enjoying London’s various cultural highlights. These include visiting art galleries, independent cinemas and photographing the city's architecture.