The Story of BSWink

I founded Black Sheep Weekly in late 2017.
At the time, international political developments such as Brexit and Donald Trump's election in 2016 caused significant upheavals on the so-called 'world order'. All these events from Brexit to COVID have greatly affected not only our future but the world in which we currently live.


The uncertainty and instability that followed post-2017 - including now with COVID-19 - presented me and others with an opportunity. The outcome? 



At BSWink, we aim to empower our peers with a platform to provide their perspectives on global issues and topic areas.


These areas go beyond merely my interests in political analysis and current affairs and include subject matter within both the arts and culture. Therefore, our mission is simple; we intend to act as an intermediary to analyse critical issues essential for our readers.


We are the sheep in wolf's clothing, observing the herd from afar. 


Join us in our observations either as a reader or as one of our team. 

Thank you for your support 

Antonios B. Vitalis

Founder and Editor-in-Chief at BSWink

Our Team

Sudharsan Amalraj Jothiraj

Operations and Technical Advisor

A founding member at BSWinkc, Sudharsan's story is as unique as BSWink itself. Having moved to Singapore to pursue a degree in Business Studies and Finance, Sudharsan would eventually seek a master's degree in Information Science at University College London. Graduating in mid-2019, Sudharsan now works full time as a Data Science Consultant.

Yet, Sudharsan continues to provides periodic guidance regarding BSWink's technical operations in a part-time capacity. 


To reach out to Sudharsan, you can do so here:

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Benjamin Smith


Benjamin is a prolific and passionate writer in all things politics, philosophy and sociology.


At an early age, he discovered a passion for critical thinking and philosophical discussion.


During his undergraduate studies, he realised his desire to channel this passion into an academic career. Currently a regular contributor at BSWink, Benjamin is also the Editor-In-Chief at the King's College London Political Theory Association


To contact Benjamin do so here:; ‎

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Charlotte Ashcroft


Artistic Contributor

As a 21-year-old photographer from Lincolnshire, Charlotte's love of visual storytelling has been a constant theme throughout her life. Photography for her is not merely a static capture of reality, but rather a medium to capture moments that tell stories frozen in time. 

It is her philosophy that through photography, one can capture the raw emotions and characteristics of people and nature. In doing so, one can realise the beauty in things taken for granted, and often overlooked.

Charlotte's photography is simply that: the capturing of life's moments we would never think to look at twice. 

If you would like to contact Charlotte do so here:

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Antonios B. Vitalis

Founder and


As a result of his multicultural upbringing and background, Antonios has developed a deep passion for Politics and International Relations. 


He temporarily studied International Relations and Comparative Politics at Victoria University in New Zealand before undertaking a BA in Political Science at King's College London in 2018, where he is now in his final year.


During this period, he founded the website where he operates as its Editor-in-Chief and as a writer in topics covering issues in political analysis and risk assessment. Concurrently, Antonios acts as Peer Mentor Coordinator at King's College London. 

To contact Antonios do so here: 

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George Jackson


Managing Editor

Currently working as Managing Editor for Black Sheep Weekly Ink, George has a breadth of experience working in journalism. 

This includes internships at The Mail on Sunday and the MailOnline.  Moreover he worked for two years at The Gryphon, a student newspaper the University of Leeds. His time at the latter saw him earn a nomination for an award regarding the 2016 Junior Doctor's strike.


At BSWink, George assists with day to day company tasks, articles all while ensuring the high standards in content at BSWink are maintained. 

If you would like to contact George directly, do so here:

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Julia Jarzyna

Chief Concept Designer and Contributor

Julia is a final year student at the  London Metropolitan University currently studying film. At BSWink, Julia has over the years contributed various art pieces personally tailored for the written works here at BSWink. Most notably, it was Julia who designed the BSWink logo.


Additionally, Julia helps manage our social media accounts while also providing her own opinions and thoughts in our Arts & Culture section.

She hopes you find her work enjoyable and informative.


You can contact Julia here:

Usama Karatella 


Usama is a seasoned writer, coming from an interdisciplinary background in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Known for his ability to weave rarified scholarly pursuits into popular discourse, Usama is always up for a discussion.


Currently a Senior Research Analyst at the King's Private Equity Club and Editor-in-Chief at the King's India Forum, he promises to provide a uniquely hot take on the latest in political developments.

You can check out Usama's personal website here: 

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To contact Usama, you can do so here:

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