Our Mission

The Black Sheep concept, therefore, intends to act as a medium to engage with current affairs through reason, objectivity, and critical thought. In addition, we engage with other subjects such as sports, technology and the arts. 

We are no ideologues, every ideology has its flaw. 


We believe that facts speak louder than emotions, even if facts conflict with our natural inclinations. However to convey facts one does not need to be part of an elite class, so long as a level of awareness on the origin of said facts and the number of facts per issue is made.


None of us are “experts”, rather, we are a group of passionate, committed and curious individuals intent on learning and presenting what we think about the world we live in today.  We intend on providing contradictory opinions, to avoid politicizing our content without first presenting the facts as they are. 


We are the sheep in wolf’s clothing, observing the herd from afar, questioning its nature, and where it ought to be. 


Join us in our observations, both as a reader and a listener.

Thank you for your support

Antonios Vitalis

Editor-in-Chief and Founder of BSWink

About BSWink

When I came up with the Black Sheep Weekly concept in late 2017, international political developments such as the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump in 2016 had taken place. In light of these unprecedented events, it had become clear we had entered the age of post-truth.


An anti-intellectual movement had emerged most notably exemplified by British MP Michael Gove proclaimed to Brexiteers prior to the referendum how “People in this country have had enough of experts”.  Instead, people ought to believe their own opinions; This followed by the rise of fake news, politicized content, presented a grim world that presented an opportunity. To inform ourselves and others, our way.

Our Leaders


Antonios B. Vitalis


Marketing/Production Manager

Sudharsan Amalraj Jothiraj


Chief Concept Designer

Julia Jarzyna


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