Ode to a Lover

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I dedicate the following poem to my love, Adam Nathan Lee, special thanks to Saira K. Sujanani for her artwork seen in the cover image.

Mood's are like weather,

Passing by as clouds,

In the moment's heat, we feel clever

Yet in the end, are merely loud.

I mean not to hurt, just to understand,

Nor to be curt, just to know where I stand

In this quagmire that is the language of love

From my soul I must dig, and hang high above

My compassion for thee, to whom I belong,

And shout with glee, and then burst into song.

For you have saved me, from drunken oblivion,

I implore you to see, us in love's true pavilion;

There we shall meet, blinded by the light,

And dine on Eros' meat, no need for a fight,

But to drink sweet wine, and bathe in delight.

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