Tunnel Vision

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The route to the light you have seen is vast.

You know not where the light may be found. You know not whether the path before you leads there or anywhere. Yet here you are.

You stand at the entrance of this dark and morbid tunnel which you have avoided your whole life. However, you are determined this time. Veering forward you enter cautiously, it is your first time here so you need to be careful. Thankfully, as you are fueled by the seemingly endless energy bestowed upon you from your inner hunger and determination, you march onwards.

You inhale with inspiration as you confidently take your first steps into the unknown. You slow down. Your progress down the tunnel starts to deteriorate at a rate parallel to your fading motivation. Before your drive and stubborn intent had seemed everlasting but now this has faded. You finally stop walking and turn your gaze back at where you began and the extent of your progress is realised.

You have barely entered. All that energy and marching has amounted to nothing. Judging by the distance between you and the entrance you have barely entered this tunnel. You now find yourself staring at what you had first wanted to leave.

Now, however, you begin to question your intent on leaving.  As if on cue, a voice of reason begins to emerge.

“Turn back now, you’ve had your fun. You tried your best. Come on home no one will blame you.”

You start to step back. You know it’s right, that voice. Of course, it is.

All that your mind had conceived had been but a dream. The reality of that dream was simply that; a dream.

You begin to laugh at yourself.

What were you thinking? Leaving the comforts of your present position, the familiar faces and surroundings, for what? Some light you had never seen before? A light that only you could see down a dark and winding tunnel?

How would you have reached it? Why would you have gone?

You shrug as if to provide this voice with an answer. I don’t know, you reply. Facing the entrance, you are enticed to retrace your steps and leave.

Outside the tunnel, beyond the entrance, you remember the beauty of your former surroundings. You can now see the sunshine across the luscious lawns that seem rolled out before you. “Just a few more steps” the voice insists “You’ll be home soon, keep going”.

You can hear your loved ones calling for you from the entrance. You begin to move towards their sounds. But you stop. You close your eyes and begin to remember.

You remember the reason why you started this journey. Why you needed to leave. The perfection of your starting origin bored you. You wanted more.

Not in a selfish, spoilt way.

You simply wanted a challenge rather than the perfect solutions you had been constantly provided with.

You knew you could do it then. You know you can do it now. You look at the entrance where the warm sunlight burns brightly emphasising the surrounding colours that emerge through nature’s gifts. You smile and are thankful. Without what lies before you, you may not be in the position you are in now.

Your smile slowly disappears, as all of a sudden you are alert. Focused. Intense.

You turn away from the entrance and away you go. You now walk with purpose, a purpose that now seems to carry you far, far from the comforts that were enticing you to return.

You now ignore the voice in your head as it shouts violently “Stop, Stop, STOP!” But this time its words have no effect. It is just a voice which you now shut out.

Behind you, the sounds and light disappear as you continue to march forward. This time nothing will stop you from arriving at your destination. There is no turning back now. You will achieve it for you have seen it already in your mind. Your vision will become a reality and to do so you must continue walking down this tunnel.

You embrace the darkness and the unknown territory you enter. You embrace your surroundings, knowing each step forward is one step closer to the light.

You will conquer this tunnel, to find the light you envisioned.

You will emerge on the other side.

It will all have been worth it.

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